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Hi, Brenda Rogers is my name, mind and body nourishment is what I do!

Brenda Rogers's Bio:

Brenda Rogers practices holistic medicine in Castle Hill and Sydney city.

As a naturopath trained in both the science and art of healing, Brenda has come to believe a holistic approach to symptoms and disease is required for true healing. Her philosophy is that disease stems from dis-ease of your spirit (goals, dreams, aspirations), mind (depression, anxiety, stress) and your body (nutritional deficiencies, genetics and functional impairment).

She is passionate about educating and motivating you to achieve your goals, however, empowering you to grow and become self-sufficient is her priority. She does this through natural healing modalities, insightful coaching and expert guidance.

Brenda Rogers's Experience:

Brenda Rogers's Education:

Brenda Rogers's Interests & Activities:

Health food cooking, growing a garden, yoga, photography.

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